All-In-One total reservation management,

Start managing your reservation with best reservation management system for accommodation industry, ONDA!

One reservation management program, finding inner peace

Efficient than paper, excel or google spread sheet.

When, where ever you want

Reservation Management ledger

ONDA’s real time reservation management ledger can be control by your PC and mobile where ever, when ever you want.

Managing various of agencies at once

Channel Manager

Sync your various of agencies in real time. Automatic availability control and reservation placement will help you to sleep well.

Reservation without fees!

Real time booking-plugins

Place ONDA’s booking-plugin into your website, blog or SNS and collect reservation that doesn't have fees!

Sell your empty rooms all around the world

Real time empty room sales

Still thinking of how go get rid of non-sold rooms? ONDA will sell your rooms all around the world with single contract.



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* 2017/09/29

we propose better way for tomorrow’s accommodation industry

We understand partners difficulties and support

For partner’s growth

Partner Support

We are supporting our partner for their growth with our professional partner support team that have experience in hospitality/accommodation industry.

From the community to the Magazine

Knowledge and Education

ONDA created online community and magazine for partners for their knowledge and education in accommodation industry from operation to management.

For partner’s tomorrow

Commercial and marketing

We are supporting our partner’s commercial and marketing by co-working and collaboration to reduce their availability and increase sales.

ONDA is growing with our partner

Our partners around 12 different countries are proposing new standard in accommodation industry

"It was so easy to start and this is so great program that all kinds of accommodations can use !" "It has all the functions that small to mid scale accommodations need."

[Seoul] Small house Big door design Hotel

"ONDA is working so well when i am in seep, so it makes me feel great in the morning when I check ONDA." "Can not imagine manning my property with out ONDA. It is essential program."

[Sooncheon] Baguni Hostel

"ONDA teaches me how to operate accommodation property. So it helped me a lot since I was a beginner." "Just looking ONDA’s page is giving me a calm feeling."

[Seoul] HaHa Guest house

"It is so easy to manage OTA with ONDA’s channel management system!"

[Seoul] The An Hostel

"The layout is very easy to undersatand and there is no difficulty starting ONDA" "ONDA has all needed function, so I can manage all reception operation by using ONDA"


"You can use ONDA and time without any kinds of knowledge, because It is designed for users that don't have pre-knowledge" "ONDA's advantage is easy, fast and stable"

[JEJU] Masion de OJOLAC

"You can sync each OTA indivisually, so it is easy to manage your room inventory" "Time spending on managing reservation had reduced after using ONDA for real."

[SEOUL] CASA Myeongdong Guest house

"Non of PMS was supporting Korean- language, however ONDA is!"

[Seoul] EZtrip Guest House

Manage your reservation on Mobile ONDA Mobile App

Wherever and Where ever manage your property!