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Efficient, smart reservation management, it’s possible with ONDA.

Start smart reservation management with ONDA

You don’t have to look into your old difficult ledger. You can check your reservation and manage it where ever with your computer, mobile. From now on, just think of operations and guest experience

Show me the money!

It is important to operate property well, however, it is essential to analyze financial matters. ONDA will automatically create tables and graphs out property with the reservation information that is collected from OTA.

Make transaction with only Credit Card Number!

Without getting payment machine or making confusing contract, you can make transaction with only Credit Card Number and Exp date! We are supporting our partners with fair fees.

Smart way of managing OTA, ONDA Channel Manager

Now, you do not have to turn on all the OTA website to control availability and room rate. ONDA’s Channel manager can control all of them in real time with only few clicks!

Control all the OTA in one place

ONDA is connected with world famous OTAs. With single connection, it synchronize availability in real time, so you do not have to worry about overbooking. ONDA is handling around 500,000 reservations per year! Start mange your reservation smart way with ONDA channel manager!

Control your availability and room rate easily

It is not over with just controlling availability in ONDA. At our availability page, you can also control max, min date, close to departure, close to arrival, breakfast, and price!

No Fees! Get reservation with ONDA Booking Plugin

Get your reservation from ONDA’s realtime booking plugin. Our booking plugin is connected with your reservation ledger in real time. It will help your customers to make reservation and make payment.

Easy and fast payment

You do not need ActiveX or extra plug-in. It is super easy to make payment.

Meet your customer everywhere.

Do not let your customer go away! You can implement our booking plugin into Facebook, instagram, website, blog and kakotalk. With ONDA’s booking Plugin, get more and more reservation.

With one contract, infinite sales channel.

With single contract with ONDA, you can start to sell your rooms everywhere such as, Tmon, Naver, 11st, Yeogiya, Gocotour. Just concentrate on giving best experience to your guest.

Weekly payment

You do not have to make or send invoice to collect. You will receive money week after when your customer check-out. Meet our partner-base payment system.

Marketing support for sales

For those using ONDA’s Real-time Rooms Sales service, we are supporting them with our marketing tools to increase their sales!

Isn’t ONDA’s functions are attractive?

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